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Rotary Speaking Engagements

Now UPDATED with new information and photos!

On December 29, Col. Nahorn spoke at the Vermilion Rotary meeting.  Our signature program, Indian Ridge Museum: from Old to New, was presented.  However, this program had to be significantly cut as Rotary meetings presentation time slots are shorter than the usual programs we present.

On  January 24, the Lakewood/Rocky River Rotarians invited Col. Nahorn to give the same program to their group.  Rotary members and contributors to the New Indian Ridge Museum, Jean and Jay Rounds specifically asked Col. Nahorn to present.  The program was yet another success.  See photos below, courtesy Jean and Jay Rounds.

The Indian Ridge Museum: from Old to New signature outreach program (presented by the New Indian Ridge Museum) was developed several years ago in an effort to educate interested organizations on the preservation efforts of the New Indian Ridge Museum while sharing information on how the new Museum in Amherst was developed, along with an emphasis on the original Indian Ridge Museum, established by Col. Vietzen of Elyria.  A special thank you to Col. Ron Sauer (longtime Museum associate) for his aid in developing the program and the use of some of his slides of the original Indian Ridge Museum.  Contact us if your organization is interested in learning more about our program offerings.

Vermilion Municipal Judge and Rotarian member W. Zack Dolyk and Col. Nahorn after Col. Nahorn presented the New Indian Ridge Museum's signature program at the Vermilion Rotary meeting in December.

President Matt Daugherty of the Lakewood/Rocky River Rotary stands with Col. Nahorn after the "Indian Ridge Museum from Old to New" program in January.

Elyria, OH Artifacts Preserved

We recently received this frame of artifacts from a gentleman in Miamisburg, Ohio.  These artifacts were found in the Black River/Cascade Park/Elyria, Ohio area and were in the Vietzen museum. We are very pleased to get them back in the area and preserved permanently. Also, interestingly, the man found us thanks to our website!