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Avon Program

Col. Nahorn spoke at the Avon Historical Society in early October, presenting the Museum’s signature program: “Indian Ridge Museum: from Old to New.”  This program traces the history of the original Indian Ridge Museum and how and why the new one started.

Mr. T. Jack Smith, President of the Avon Historical Society, introduces Col. Nahorn before the program began.

Col. Nahorn and Mr. Jack Smith after the program at the Avon Historical Society.  Mr. Smith made many visits to the original Indian Ridge Museum.  He donated a very nice film of Col. Vietzen giving a tour of his museum, to the New Indian Ridge Museum.

(From left to right) Col. Nahorn (Director NIRM), Mrs. Diane Nahorn (NIRM contributor), and Mr. Tom Smith (Avon Historical Society Member) after the talk.  Mr. Smith was a frequent visitor to the original Indian Ridge Musuem.