Black Gum (Nyssa sylvatica) New to Arboretum

A Black Gum (Nyssa sylvatica) or Black Tupelo is the latest addition to our Arboretum at the Wildlife Preserve, which is a part of the New Indian Ridge Museum located at the Historic 1816 Jacob Shupe Homestead in Amherst, OH.  The tree was generously donated by Diane and Bill Nahorn for Col. Nahorn’s birthday, which is this October.  Special thanks to Art Parker (our Museum Arborist) of the Rock Pile Garden Center.  It is a beautiful specimen: in the Spring, its leaves will emerge in a red or orange color; they will then turn green; and in the Fall, the leaves will once again turn red and orange.  We look forward to seeing the change of seasons through this tree.  Read more information regarding the Arboretum under the Wildlife Preserve tab on this website.

Col. Nahorn stands beside the newest addition to the Preserve’s “Arboretum,” a Black Gum.