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Clearing Out Invasive Plants

We are once again at that time of year when it is necessary to go into the woods and wildlife preserve at the Historic Shupe Homestead in order to continue our work to clear out non-native invasive plant species.  One of the plants we have been working to eradicate from the property along the Beaver Creek in Amherst, Ohio, is the Garlic Mustard plant.  It can quickly take over a large patch of ground in the woods and crowd out native wildflowers, consuming sunlight and nutrients.

Pictured here are a few May Apples, a native plant that usually comes out of the ground closer to the month of May; however, with this unseasonably warm weather, we have been seeing them sprout from the ground much earlier – the end of March.

May Apple plants, a native wildflower located in a bottomland floodplain forest at the Historic Shupe Homestead Wildlife Preserve.