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Huntington Inn Door Installed in Shupe House

993301_4928374897605_1049253664_nThe Huntington Inn was built in the early first half of the 1800s in Huntington, Ohio, just south of Wellington, Ohio at what was the bustling intersection of Routes 58 and 162.  Today, this inn and stage coach stop is quiet, and the intersection is just a “pass through” area for travelers.  When the railroad was built north of Huntington, through Wellington, the hopes that Huntington would grow into a busy town center were lost.  The Inn is now in disrepair and faces possible demolition in its near future.

This past summer we were able to enter the structure, photo-document it, do a bit of research, and then ultimately work with the owners to secure and preserve an original door and accompanying hardware for use in the Historic Shupe Homestead.  We successfully salvaged a second floor door that led into one of the rooms on that floor.  Its door latch assembly is unique – this metal piece is an artifact in itself from the house’s era of construction.

After acquiring the door, we immediately worked to retrofit it for the first floor closet door in the Historic Shupe Homestead.  The door was cut to size, scraped, sanded, and repainted.  The hardware was carefully and completely cleaned and repainted black.  The original door hinges were refit to the door and hardware reinstalled after the door was hung in the Shupe House September 10, 2013.  We are very pleased to be able to preserve a piece from this historic structure while employing it in Jacob Shupe’s house.


Repainting and restoring the salvaged door from the Huntington Inn.


The Huntington Inn door installed in the Historic Shupe Homestead.