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Lorain County Paleo

This Paleo projectile point and associated Paleo Square Knife were found on a farm many years ago by Irving (Goose) Rathwell, Sr. (1916-2005), in the area of Oberlin, Lorain County, Ohio.  They are very important, local artifacts, dating some 10,000 to 12,000 B. C.  The Paleo people are believed to be the first people to come into the “Americas,” who, as nomadic hunter-gatherers, migrated to this land via a land or ice bridge over what is today the Bering Strait area.

The Paelo point or “clovis point” style is the oldest stone tool type that is found in the Americas, and is attributed to these early people.  Not much from their time remains today, save for these stone tools.  This particular piece has a double “flute” or channel down one side.

This flint point was donated by Chip Rathwell, December 2, 2013.  We are very excited to have this local piece as a part of our Paleo display at the New Indian Ridge Museum.  It is a very fine acquisition.

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Paleo saure knife found near Oberlin, OH.

Paleo saure knife found near Oberlin, OH.