Museum Outreach

As a part of the Museum’s continuous educational outreach programming, this postcard, as seen below, has been developed and is in the process of being distributed to the greater Amherst-area.

Residents of the Amherst area may have seen Col. Nahorn or will see him around town this Fall season personally passing out this postcard – it is a way of introducing himself to our community as a local historian & environmental steward.
Most of our area residents are aware of the Museum, but not everyone is aware of the free quarterly newsletter posted on this website and the educational lectures Col. Nahorn has developed.  The goal is to widen our community outreach and let area residents know about this newsletter and the educational programs that the Museum offers.  A special thank you to local photographer Jason Shaffer for his aid in creating this postcard!


If you are interested in receiving the newsletter and being notified that it has been posted on the website, please visit our Newsletter page to sign up and learn more!  A listing of program offerings is also listed on the Newsletter page.