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“New” Vietzen Case Added to Museum

We recently acquired this oak table-top case that was in Col. Vietzen’s Indian Ridge Museum, Elyria, Ohio from the Dan Novotny collection.  Mr. Novotny acquired the case during the sales of the Vietzen museum and soon thereafter began to strip the paint and restore it.  He did not finish this project and later offered the case to the New Indian Ridge Museum for preservation.  With the help of Mr. Bill Nahorn (Museum contributor), we brought the case to the museum and finished its restoration.  A few pieces of glass had to be replaced, and red felt was added to the base.  The remaining old glass had to be thoroughly cleaned.  We were very pleased that the original wavy mirror glass in the back of the case was not damaged.

From Mr. Novotny, we learned that the case, while at Col. Vietzen’s Indian Ridge Museum, originally held geological specimens and fossilized remains.

This is a great addition to the New Indian Ridge Museum and allows our preservation and collection goals to continue with the added space this unique case provides.