News on Shupe Homestead Restoration

The restoration efforts at the 1811 Historic Shupe Homestead in Amherst continue.  July 2015 

Using wood we cut and milled from a dead ash tree here on the Homestead back in 2013, we created beautiful new stair risers and treads for the Shupe House.  They look great, and being milled from a tree that had grown on the property here, this was in a way reminiscent of what Jacob Shupe would have done and did do to construct his house.



At the end of July we worked on electrifying a late 19th century style gas lamp ceiling fixture.  We purchased this particular fixture from an auction several years ago, and we are now pleased to be able to have this period style feature hanging in the Shupe House.  It is a great addition for the restoration of the house.


Projects continue at the Homestead, and excavation in the front part of the property in order to document an historic trash pit site where we found pottery sherds and related 19th century artifacts, will continue this late Summer and into the Fall, as time allows.  Please follow this site for future developments and finds.