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Press Release: Amherst Historical Society Curator Position


November 18, 2011

RE: Curator of the Amherst Historical Society Position

Please be advised:

Col. Matthew W. Nahorn, Director and Founder of his New Indian Ridge Museum in Amherst, has been named Curator of the Amherst Historical Society effective immediately.

“The Amherst Historical Society, a nonprofit 50lc(3) organization, was founded in April of 1973 and currently boasts about 350 members. The Society became accredited in 1990 by the Ohio Association of Historical Societies and Museums (OAHSM). Only about 15% of Ohio museums and historical societies have achieved such accreditation.”  It is located at the intersection of N. Lake Street and Milan Avenue in Amherst.

Col. Nahorn, 22, is excited to accept the responsibilities of this new position, in an effort to continue his life-long passion of preserving our local history and educating residents on our rich past.  He stated, “The Amherst Historical Society is a prestigious local institution, and I am pleased to have been chosen to curate its important collection of artifacts, historical documents, and buildings here in Amherst.  As a lifelong Amherst resident, I look forward to continuing to study our past while preparing for our future.”

Col. Nahorn will immediately delve into a research project this January, working with historical documents and related information, in an effort to compile a history of “early Amherst” which will document the years around the time of the City’s founding.  It will be a fitting project, as this is Amherst’s Bicentennial year.

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Submitted by the Office of the Director of the New Indian Ridge Museum