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Shingle Oak Added to Arboretum

On October 8, 2012, a shingle oak tree (Quercus imbricaria) has been added to the Museum’s arboretum at the preserve.  The arboretum is located in the front portion of the preserve, along Cooper Foster Park Road and bordered by the driveway.  The shingle oak tree is the latest addition, and we are very pleased to plant it commemorating Col. Nahorn’s birthday.  A new tree has been added to the Arboretum for several consecutive years for his birthday.

The shingle oak tree is our only native oak having a smooth, single-lobed leaf.  Only native trees are added to the Arboretum, and we often attempt to find rare or less commonly known species.

Col. Nahorn standing next to the shingle oak tree, our latest addition to the Museum’s arboretum, just after planting.