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Shupe House Window Restoration

Photo showing window casing at the Historic Shupe Homestead after the window has been removed and is being restored. The original molding and sill can be seen.

A restoration project of 5 of the 6 old wooden double hung windows with wavy glass at the Historic Shupe Homestead has commenced by Col. Nahorn and his team at the Shupe House, the first house in Amherst, Ohio constructed by the town’s founder, Jacob Shupe between 1813-1818.  Each window is being removed, reglazed, repainted, and generally over-hauled before being replaced back into the wall.  Most of the original molding is still in place, but other pieces are being fabricated to restore missing sections.  All molding was originally of poplar wood and square nails have been found holding the frame/window casing and molding together.  All new or restored molding pieces are also of poplar as we are in an effort to maintain the historical character of the house.  Any broken glass panes that are beyond salvaging are being replaced with other wavy, local glass that dates to 1884.