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Tree Update from the Preserve

The last major winter storm that moved through this area was responsible for some major changes within the Wildlife Preserve at the New Indian Ridge Museum.  One example of the damage, shown in the photos below, occurred when two large, live, and healthy pine trees were uprooted and fell down.  The combination of rain, saturated soils, freezing, thawing, and then topping this off with heavy, wet snow all contributed to the destruction of these fine trees.  The shallow root systems of these pine trees did not help the situation either, being unable to hold them down once the soil became unstable, and the trees were finally pulled down by the heavy, wet snow.

To attempt to remedy this situation, we decided to purchase and plant three Eastern White Pine Trees to replace the two pine trees that were toppled during the last storm.  Thanks to Museum Contributor Andrew Robinson, we learned of a very reasonable tree sale at the Brenner Tree Farm, where we made the three 6′ White Pine tree purchase.  On March 27 we brought the trees to the preserve (see photo below).

Two of the 3 White Pines can be seen here, just after planting them at the Preserve.  We are attempting to re-establish the pine grove that was damaged during the last winter storm.