Updates from the Museum & Such

Below we are publishing several small articles to ensure you are updated with the most recent news from the Museum, Homestead, and other projects in which we are involved: 

Sycamore Flooring Installed

Last year we acquired two sections of a sycamore tree from the original front yard of the Onstine-Warner-Miller Homestead just west of town, on the North Ridge.  A dollar store is now constructed on this property, which necessitated the removal of the sycamore tree.  We milled the two logs into boards and turned them into flooring.  In July 2017, we installed this flooring in the addition to the Historic Shupe House, where it now acts as the main feature of the dining room.  The variation in color and grain pattern is quite unique and intriguing.  We are very glad to preserve and maintain this local historic wood and not let it go to waste.  (The sycamore flooring, seen below, is surrounded by oak flooring we repurposed from a house in Vermilion years ago.)

Old Spring Sign Made, Donated, & Installed; Benches Installed

We are most thankful to Kevin Rathwell and KJ, who fabricated and donated a metal sign for Amherst’s Historic Old Spring site.  It was designed after metal signs that August Nabakowski originally created for this site.  On August 1, 2017, Kevin and KJ installed this yellow painted sign, to match the green background, an Amherst “green & gold” color scheme.  With this, our semi-annual cleanup efforts (see photos), and the installation of two wooden planks as benches, the Old Spring Historic Site continues to be improved.  We acquired a large local silver maple log, which we milled into planks to fit the previous pipe-holders for the benches.  

Below: before & after views of old Milan Ave. access to the Old Spring Historic Site

Below: Kevin Rathwell & KJ stand beside the metal Old Spring sign they made for this Historic Site

Below: Silver maple wood is milled into planks which we installed at the Old Spring area, to occupy metal pipes where benches previously were located 

Flint Ridge Specimen Donated

A fine specimen of Flint Ridge chert was donated by Richard Cherney, who purchased it at one of the sales to disperse the Vietzen collection and Indian Ridge Museum in 1999.  We were able to meet with Mr. Cherney and provide a tour for him and his family.  Flint Ridge material, Ohio’s state gemstone, was highly prized by the local Native Americans for thousands of years, and they traveled and traded for it.

Wells Fargo Guard Badge Acquired

At a local house sale, we acquired a unique metal “Wells Fargo Guard” badge.  It goes well with the small Wells Fargo stage coach diorama we preserve from Col. Vietzen’s Museum.  

Col. Vietzen Hopewell Painting Acquired

We have acquired many paintings done by Col. Vietzen, and the most recent one, donated by the Rounds Family, was done in 1966 and depicts a likeness of a Hopewellian Native American Indian.  We are pleased to preserve yet another painting from Col. Vietzen’s extensive collection of artwork he created.  The Hopewellian people (Middle Woodland) here in Ohio are known for their beautiful artwork and use of exotic materials, such as copper, mica, obsidian, and pipestone.  Here is a “personal conception of Hopewellian likeness” as Col. Vietzen titled it:

Dean Electric, Elyria Phone Acquired 

The Dean Electric Company, of Elyria, produced telephones in the early 1900s.  On August 6, 2017, we attended a local auction sale and acquired one of these early phones made somewhere c.1900-1915.  We are still conducting research in order to determine a more exact time frame for the production of this particular wall mount phone.  We are making a few restoration efforts to the piece and plan to hang it soon – it is operable.  We are proud to preserve this great piece of local manufacturing history.