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Wadsworth House Door Installed in Shupe House

A door that was salvaged by Museum workers from the Historic Wasdsworth House in Wellington this summer, before the house was demolished, was completely refurbished and installed in the Shupe House in September 2012.  It is a fine, solid poplar wood door that is held together with mortis and tenon joints.  Col. Nahorn along with Museum Trustee Diane Nahorn completely scraped the door, while Col. Nahorn filled holes, primed, and painted it.  Other preparations had to be done, including making holes for the hinges, knob, and other aspects.  Molding from the Wadsworth House is to be placed around the door as our next project.

The knob that was installed on this door is a black porcelain knob that Col. Nahorn and Diane Nahorn saved from the Hollstein House, another historic house that was just down the road from the Shupe House.  It was used on an exterior basement door.  This was saved and stored for several years until we could find the right use for it.  The door and its “new” knob now have a new purpose, closing off a closet space in the bathroom at the Shupe House.  We were very pleased to get this next restoration project completed, just after the Shupe House window restoration project wrapped up at the end of August.

Wadsworth House door seen here, now in the Shupe House after being completely refurbished. The black porcelain know was salvaged from the Hollstein House, which was just down the road from the Shupe House.