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Wehrle-Vietzen-Sauer Hopewell Pipe Fragment Acquired

The Museum has acquired an important Hopewellian platform pipe fragment that has an interesting history.  The fragment mostly represents the bowl of a Hopewell platform pipe.  It was found in Kentucky and has the markings: “4213 W  KENTUCKY” on the bowl.  This numbering system and the style of writing in which it is inscribed, tells us that it was previously in the Augustine Wehrle collection, a collection known as “an old time collection.”  It was then acquired by Col. Vietzen and displayed in his Indian Ridge Museum’s Hopewell Case for many years.  (Col. Vietzen had each prehistoric culture represented in his museum.)  After Col. Vietzen’s museum was sold, Col. Ron Sauer acquired it, and had it in his collection for over 10 years.  It is now permanently preserved at the New Indian Ridge Museum.

The Hopewell pipe fragment is shown above.

The Hopewell Case is pictured here as it was in the Indian Ridge Museum. Note the pipe fragment is in the middle-right portion of the photo, with a shadow going across it.