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Work Continues at FARC

UPDATE: January 23 session – at this session the volunteers at the Firelands Archaeological Research Center worked on cataloging, numbering, and bagging artifacts from the Heckleman Site.  See photo below, courtesy Brian Mickey, President FARC:

Pictured are (left to right) Col. Nahorn (Director NIRM), Brian Scanlan (FARC Lab Administrator), and Dan Pugh.


As part of his Winter Term project at Oberlin College, Col. Nahorn is working with the Firelands Archaeological Research Center (FARC) on a variety of tasks.  He has worked on entering data into the spreadsheets in their database and began work, during the January 9 session, on cleaning and organizing artifacts from the field, along with other volunteers.  Brian Scanlan has been directing the group during these lab sessions.

A photo (below) courtesy of Brian Mickey, President FARC, shows Col. Nahorn, along with other volunteers, cleaning and organizing artifacts.  These artifacts are from the Heckleman Site located in Erie County, where the organization has worked the past couple of summers.  Data entry and cleaning/organizing artifacts will continue in the coming work sessions.