WRLC Tours NIRM Preserve

On August 1, 2013, representatives from the Western Reserve Land Conservancy, which holds the land conservation easement on the New Indian Ridge Museum wildlife preserve, came to the property here along the Beaver Creek to make their annual tour ensuring that the terms of the conservation easement are being upheld.

Representatives were pleased with our conservation efforts here at the property.  We toured all of the unique habitats, including upland woods, bottomland (floodplain), wetland, hillside, riparian, and grassland.  The 15-acres property, being relatively smaller in acreage compared to other preserved areas on which the Land Conservancy holds easements, is extremely biologically diverse.  One biologist who toured the area, who is a part of the Conservancy’s team, compiled a listing of over 150 trees, plants, grasses, sedges, &c that inhabit this property.  Please note that this is an incomplete list.  Several important wetland plants species were noted as well.  A few nonnative plant species were identified, and we are working to control these.